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Michael Rosenberg earned his degree in Landscape Architecture from Cornell University.  He immediately began working in the Bay Area at various architectural and landscape architectural offices, gaining valuable experience designing and managing the construction of large residential and commercial projects.  The office of MRLA was opened in 1984 and has been serving the bay area for over 25 years.   Much of the work is focused on the design, construction, and project management of residential landscapes throughout northern California.  But many completed project also fall into the realm of public parks, municipal projects, resorts, and commercial landscapes.  The landscapes are notable for a highly refined sense of proportion and balance of usable space, while considering the overall effects and impacts on the surrounding natural environment. A strong commitment to environmental and cultural sustainability is reflected in the design philosophy at MRLA.

Extensive travel throughout Europe, Central and South America have helped fine tune Michael's sense of proportion and intuitive grasp of spatial relationships.   Michael has taught Outdoor Construction Technology through the University of California extension and has been a guest lecturer in his field at colleges and universities around the nation.  His award winning landscapes can be seen throughout the bay area and in various publications.  Michael served as Commissioner of Parks and Recreation for the County of Santa Cruz from 1992 until early 2014. He was instrumental in park design, land acquisition, and public policy during his tenure.

Michael has played and coached competitive soccer most of his life, and still tries to stay involved.  Besides his wife and two children, some of his other interests include high country backpacking, bicycling, and music.  Go Sharks!